Risks of a Connected World

Silverado was thrilled to host Dr. Randall Boyle - security expert, professor and author - to speak about our growing dependence on connected devices. From smartphones and smartwatches to toys and thermostats, there has been an exponential growth of devices connected to the internet.  All of these advancements provide us with improved productivity, greater communication, and [...]

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FBI Cyber Security Presentation

  We were thrilled to welcome FBI Security Agent James P. Cullen from the FBI Cyber Crimes Division to talk about current cyber threats facing businesses.  Partnering with Regier Carr & Monroe, Crest Insurance, and Farhang & Medcoff Attorneys, Silverado hosted the event to help spread the word about these very real threats facing local [...]

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Cyber Security Guide – Layered Security Plan for Ransomware Protection

Tucson is seeing a rise in virus, malware, and ransomware attacks. These cyber threats have a significant and costly impact on the many businesses that have fallen victim to them. We have seen businesses that were not protected be down for a day or more! The breaches succeeded not because the victims lacked security altogether, [...]

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