Security Awareness Training

Regardless of the security devices and policies you have in place, the weakest link in your security chain is your end-users.  Security professionals will say “Train your employees!”  But how?  We can help with our Security Awareness Training.

Most viruses and malware are now sent through email.  Even with SPAM-filtering and firewalls, your employees can still put your network at risk if they click on the wrong things.  Do you know if your employees can spot a phishing email?  Can they identify a dangerous link or attachment?  

With Silverado’s Security Awareness Training service, you can find out!  You and your employees will have access to online training, webinars and resources.  Furthermore, you can run your own phishing campaigns to help identify those employees that are most at risk and need additional training.  

  • Assigned Online Training
  • Webinars
  • Test users with Phishing Campaigns
  • Reporting 

You can select training modules to educate your staff on the most current threats and how to avoid them.  Train users on HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, and other compliance requirements.  Learn about CEO fraud, email spoofing, and ransomware.  

Meet with a Technology Consultant to learn more about how Silverado Technologies’ Security Awareness Training can protect your business.  Contact us now.