Is Your Network Secure?

IT Security is at the top of everyone’s mind.  With stories of hackers and cyber security threats in the news daily, it’s a constant concern.  Let the team at Silverado give you peace of mind.  Our Network Security Scans and Risk Assessments help to uncover potential security risks in your network.  Using our network security assessment and analysis tools, we work with you to identify your network vulnerabilities and provide a road map for remediation.

  • Network Security Scans
  • Risk Assessment
  • IT Security Assessments
  • HIPAA Scans
  • PCI Compliance

Security Assessments

Silverado’s security assessment utilizes a combination of non-invasive automated data collection programs which are then supplemented with observations, photographs, documentation review, and staff surveys. Upon completion of the Security and Risk Assessment you will receive detailed reporting that outlines the identified security concerns. Security risk analysis and risk management strategies provide a proactive framework to manage the known and unknown risks to your network. Once security risks are identified and assessed, Silverado is equipped to effectively address and mitigate the risks and vulnerabilities within your organization.

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