Silverado has become the go-to partner in Southern Arizona to conduct HIPAA Security Risk Assessments. 

We help healthcare practices and related businesses meet their requirements for HIPAA Security Risk Assessments and Meaningful Use standards.

Because Silverado has a longstanding history with the healthcare industry, we understand the requirements of a practice.  This experience has afforded us the unique opportunity to become the premier partner for those in the healthcare field.

In order to support our healthcare clients, all Silverado engineers and technicians are trained in compliance.  We prioritize the security of your practice and your data.

HIPPA report

Our assessment is completed with a state-of-the-art scanning tool combined with onsite interviews conducted by our technical experts.  Once completed, you will receive a comprehensive report documenting our analysis.  We also provide guidance on any corrective actions needed to address areas of concern with HIPAA compliance.

Contact us today to schedule your HIPAA Security Risk Assessment.